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Saint Peters Lutheran Cemetery
Elysian, Le Sueur County, Minnesota, USA 
Reetz, Arthur Max (I10521)
2 1900 census in Washington, DC showed a family of three. Father was Charles F. born in New Jersey and his parents were both from Germany. His wife is Nancy B. having been born in England and her parents were also born in England. Charles was born Feb 1839 and Nancy was born April 1844. Shows his occupation at Wa??lmann Library, presumably in DC. They have a son Frank G. born Aug 1868 in DC and at 31yo was still living at home. There appears to be a clue to that. For the parents it shows they can read, write, and speak english. For the son, it shows reading and writing but not speaking. To the right it says D.D. which I am guessing means deaf and dumb which might explain his living with his parents at his age. Wurdemann, John Vanderbilt (I14607)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I238)
4 Audrey May Vanderbilt- Wurdemann was born in Wisconsin. After winning the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry she and her husband Joseph Auslander moved to another location. Auslander by the way means "Out of this land". Würdemann, Audrey May Katherine Vanderbilt (I14008)
5 Audrey Wurdemann was an American poet, and the youngest winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry at the age of 24, for her collection Bright Ambush. She was the great-great-granddaughter of Percy Bysshe Shelley. She never attended grammar school and entered high school at the age of 11.

Her first collection of poetry, 'The House of Silk' was published when she was 16, sponsored by California poet George Sterling. She was a 1931 honors graduate of the University of Washington. After college she traveled through Asia.

She married poet and novelist Joseph Auslander in 1932 and moved to New York City, where he taught at Columbia. They moved to Washington, DC when Auslander was appointed the first Poet Laureate Consultant in poetry of the Library of Congress. She subsequently collaborated with him on the novels My Uncle Jan and The Islanders.

They spent their last years living in Coral Gables, Florida.
[edit] Works


* The House of Silk (1927)
* Bright Ambush (1934, winner of the 1935 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry)
* The Seven Sins (1935)
* Splendour in the Grass (1936)
* Testament of Love (1938)


* My Uncle Jan (1945) with Joseph Auslander
* The Islanders (1951) with Joseph Auslander

[edit] External links

* Oxford Companion to American Literature
* New York Times Obituary 
Würdemann, Audrey May Katherine Vanderbilt (I14008)
6 Census record identifies him as deaf and dumb if interpretedproperly. Wurdemann, Frank G. (I14609)
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I11997)
8 Charles and his wife Anna were found on the June, 1880 census in DC. He showed his occupation as a mathematical instrument maker. It says his dad was from Prussia and his mom from what looks like New Jersey. Anna and her family were all from Canada so perhaps they met in Minnesota where Charles was born. I am further wondering if he is an older brother to William Wurdeman as William had a son Charles and they both worked in the DC area in the same field...coincidence? Wurdemann, Charles F. (I14610)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I14454)
10 Found JH improperly recorded in the Union army records as Wurdiman: I had them add the alternate name:

John H. Wurdiman (First_Last)
Regiment Name 39 Illinois Infantry
Side Union
Company D
Soldier's Rank_In Pvt.
Soldier's Rank_Out Corpl.
Alternate Name John H./Wurdeman
Film Number M539 roll 101 
Würdemann, Johann Heinrich (I14029)
11 Girard Wurdemann, Smithsonian collector

Catalog of Type Specimens of Recent Fishes in the National Museum of Natural History,
Smithsonian Institution, 2: Blenniidae

Blennius multifilis Girard, 1858:169.
USNM [8168 (17)], “specimens collected at SL Joseph’s Island, Texas, by G. Wurdemann.” Remarks: Girard (1858) neither indicated the number of specimens nor a catalog number for his syntypes. Girard (1859:27-28), in reporting on the same specimens, provided a table of specimens for Blennius multifilis in which he twice listed the catalog number 649. Beside the first 649 he indicated “1 adult” and beside the second 649, “17 young.” The USNM catalog ledger, appropriately, indicates the presence of 18 specimens in USNM 649, together with the correct collection data, but there is no indication that these specimens are types (other lots, pertaining to different species, with adjacent catalog numbers are indicated as types). We were unable to locate a lot bearing USNM 649. A search of the collection, however, showed that USNM 8168, Hypleurocheilus geminatus (Wood) (a senior synonym of Blennius multifilis), comprising 17 specimens (23.4-65.9 mm SL), had the same collection data as USNM 649. This suggests strongly that the 17 specimens reported by Girard (1859:28) were assigned a new catalog number, and that the single specimen has been lost. Accordingly, we consider the specimens in USNM 8168 to be syntypes. Bath (1976:183), understandably unaware of the circumstances, reported that there was no type material for Blennius multifilis

Catalog of Type Specimens of Recent Fishes in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, 3: Beloniformes (Teleostei)

Belone scrutator Girard, 1858:170. Lectotype: USNM 834 (198 mm BL). Texas, St. Joseph’s Island; G. Wurdemann; 1853. Designated herein by Collette. D 14, A 18, Pt 12-12; vertebrae 45 + 26 =
71; predorsal scales 245; female with only right ovary. Paralectotype: USNM 309268 (212). Collected with the lectotype 
Wurdemann, Dr Dr Gustav (I14578)
12 He will be cremated and his ashes will be scattered
at their church memorial garden on Sanibel Island where they lived a few years ago. 
Dubbe, Richard Frank (I2679)
13 Her birth certificate says her first name is Catherine. Some references say Catharina including John Henry's own documents call her Catharina. Schnitger, Catherine Margarethe (I11499)
14 Name and date taken from passport application 5/1/1865 in Washington, DC. Wurdeman, Hermann (I14580)
15 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3620)
16 Pacific Coast Architecture Database

Wurdeman, Walter ID: 415
Full Name: Walter Charles Wurdeman
Nationality: US
Birth Date: 08/02/1903
Death Date: 09/17/1949
Family: Walter C. Wurdeman was born in Wisconsin and died in Los Angeles County, CA, at the age of 46; his mother’s maiden name was Reitz; his father’s name was spelled Wuerdemann;
Biographical Information:
Work History: work: Principal, Walter C. Wurdeman, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1931-1932;
Countries: United States
Structures: Armstrong, M. Burton House – c. 1947 (671)
Buffums Department Store, Santa Ana, CA – None (2355)
Bullock’s Department Store, Pasadena, CA – 1947 (672)
General Petroleum Building, Los Angeles – 1947 (568)
House of Tomorrow – 1946 (670)
Innes Company Shoe Store – c. 1946 (698)
Jai Alai Auditorium – 1940 (661)
Los Angeles Home Show House for Kaiser Homes, Incorporated – (660)
Pan-Pacific Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA – (666)
Prudential Square Building, Los Angeles – 1948 (673)
Pueblo del Rio Public Housing, Vernon, CA – 1940-1941 (3840)
Salvatori, Henry House – 1941 (662)
San Fernando Valley Country Club, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA – 1945 (665)
Tilford’s Restaurant, Los Angeles – 1946 (7232)
University of California, Los Angeles Campus – 1948-1968 (674)
Wurdeman, Arthur, House, Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA – (5172)
Wurdeman, Walter, House, Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA – (663)
Partners: Becket, Welton D. and Associates (29)
Bodmer, Wurdeman and Becket, Architects (3709)
Plummer, Wurdeman, and Becket, Architects (163)
Southeast Housing Architects, Associated (3812)
Wurdeman and Becket, Architects (162)
Wurdeman, Walter C., Architect (1914)
Publications: “Armstrong, M. Burton House”, Architectural Digest, 11: 3, 6-10,
“Fritz Burns’500 new houses feature plank and beam construction and convertible two-car garages, sell for $8,250″, Architectural Forum, 91: 5, 84-85?, 114, 116, 11/1949.
“Etchwood Paneling Advertisement, Davidson Plywood and Lumber Company”, Architectural Forum, 91: 5, 146, 11/1949.
“Three Shoe Stores: Open front store in Los Angeles”, Architectural Forum, 91: 6, 92-93, 12/1949.
Better Homes and Gardens,
“Southern California Chapter’s Honor Awards”, Journal of the American Institute of Architects, 7: 2, 74-79, 02/1947.
“Southern California Chapter’s Honor Awards”, Journal of the American Institute of Architects, 7: 2, 77, 02/1947.
Gebhard, David, Winter, Robert, Los Angeles An Architectural Guide, 115, 1994.
Gebhard, David, Winter, Robert, Los Angeles An Architectural Guide, 188, 1994.
Gebhard, David, Winter, Robert, Los Angeles An Architectural Guide, 193, 1994.
Cole, Benjamin Mark, “Pan Pacific will be restored to former glory”, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, 15, 01/18/1985.
“Salvatori, Henry House Notice”, Southwest Builder & Contractor, 24, col. 3, 7/25/1921.
Southwest Builder & Contractor, 56, 1/28/1949.
“Pueblo del Rio Housing Project plans”, Southwest Builder & Contractor, 96, col 2, 7/5/1940.
“Wurdeman, Walter, House notice”, Southwest Builder & Contractor, 28, col 1, 10/24/1941.
“Wurdeman, Arthur, House notice”, Southwest Builder & Contractor, 28, col 1, 10/24/1941.
Websites: General Petroleum Building, Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, 1951 (1696)

Finding Aid for the Elliot Mittler Collection of Welton Becket and Associates Photograph Archives, 1940-1979

Welton Davis Becket was born in Seattle, Washington, on August 8, 1902; BA, Architecture, University of Washington, (1927), with one year of graduate study at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Fontainebleau, France, (1928); partnered with Walter previous hit Wurdeman next hit and Charles Plummer under the name Becket, previous hit Wurdeman next hit , and Plummer in 1933; following Plummer’s death in 1939 and previous hit Wurdeman’s next hit death in 1949, Becket continued the firm as Welton Becket and Associates, serving as President (1949-68) and Chairman of the Board (1968) until his death in 1969; served as Master Planner and Supervising Architect, UCLA, 1949-69; Becket’s philosophy of total design, embracing all requirements demanded of architectural design, became integral to the firm; the firm’s designs are not identified with a particular style, but are individual to each client; the firm was one of the largest firms in Los Angeles with building credits throughout the world, including: Pan Pacific Auditorium (with previous hit Wurdeman , 1934), Beverly Hilton Hotel (1955), Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles Music Center (1964), Gulf Life Tower, Florida (1967), Xerox Square, New York (1968), several Bullock’s Department Stores in California (1951-77), and various UCLA campus structures (1958-70); after Becket’s death, the firm continued under the same name, directed by his nephew, MacDonald Becket; around 1985, the firm was acquired by Ellerbe Incorporated to become Ellerbe Becket.

Scope and Content
Collection consists of photographs related to the work of the Welton Becket & Associates architectural firm. Most of the photographs represent projects in and around the Los Angeles area. Includes examples of both residential and commercial buildings with interior and exterior views. Architectural photographers whose works are represented in this collection are: Glen Allison, Orlando R. Cabanban, Fred S. Carr, Louis Checkman, Robert C. Cleveland, Gerbert Bruce Cross, Fred Daly, Philip Fein, Eddie Hoff, Richard K. Koch, Balthazar Korab, Nathaniel Lieberman, Joseph W. Moliter, Rondal Partridge, Marvin Rand, Gerald Ratto, Otto Rothschild, Ben Schnall, Gordon H. Schneck, Julius Shulman, Douglas Simmonds, Delmar Watson, Todd A. Watts, and Dick Wittington.

Interview with Paul Thiry
Conducted by Meredith Clausen
At the Artist’s home
September 15 & 16, 1983

“MEREDITH CLAUSEN: Who were your professors at the time?

PAUL THIRY: Carl Gould of course was the head, and he was also architect for the campus, and of course he had good training. He was a Beaux Arts man from Paris, and he’d gone to Harvard and no one could question his qualifications. And I will say that he was modern in the sense that he fostered the idea of prefabrication, and actually he’d built a house for himself on Bainbridge Island that was an assembly of doors; I might say that he bought the doors and then built the house on top of the doors. (laughter) And then too he made ventures into modern, it was kind of modernistic, somewhat of basis for change in architecture. But this didn’t get into our training in school.

Finally in 1927, there were three others and myself who [went to] Fontainebleau. The previous year, Walter Wurdeman, who later became a partner with Welton Becket– who also went to Fontainebleau with me; he preceded us in school and he came back with great reports on how he enjoyed it and how much he learned. And it’s true, we learned a great deal. At Fontainebleau we had illustrious professors and…”

MEREDITH CLAUSEN: Now was Paris and the Atelier Gromort in between Fontainebleau and Italy?

PAUL THIRY: That was right after Fontainebleau, you see, and I stayed in France, oh, it was two or three weeks. Becket and Wurdeman had gone ahead, and I met them in Rome.

The General Petroleum Building, also known as the Mobil Oil Building and the Pegasus Apartments, is a highrise building in Downtown Los Angeles that was built in 1949. It was designed by Wurdeman and Becket and P.J. Walker in the Moderne style. The building was later converted into apartments operated under the name Pegasus. In 2004, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places based on architectural criteria. 
Wurdeman, Walter Charles (I14575)
17 Shelley, Percy Florence.
Adm. pens. at TRINITY, July 7, 1837. [Only surv.] s. of Percy Bysshe [the poet] (and Mary Godwin). [B. Nov. 12, 1819, in Florence.] School, Harrow.
Matric. Michs. 1837; B.A. 1841.
Adm. at the Middle Temple, Nov. 11, 1845.
Succeeded his grandfather, Timothy, as 3rd Bart., Apr. 24, 1844.
Of Michelgrove, Sussex.
Lieut., Sussex Militia, 1846; Capt., 1854.
J.P. and D.L. for Sussex; High Sheriff, 1865.
Married, June 22, 1848, Jane, dau. of Thomas Gibson, and widow of the Hon.
Charles Robert St John. 'This most gentle and lovable man, the inheritor of most of his father's fine qualities....' A good amateur actor and a great patron of the drama.
Built a theatre at his residence, Shelley House, Chelsea embankment, which was opened in 1881.
Painted the drop-scene which represented the poet's last home.
Convicted of keeping an unlicensed theatre and fined I shilling and costs, 1881; on appeal to the Queen's Bench, it was held that he was justly convicted for keeping a house for public performance of stage-plays without a licence.
Died, s.p., Dec. 5, 1889, at Bournemouth.
(Harrow Sch. Reg.; Boase, . 539 and VI. 550; Inns of Court; D.N.B.) 
Shelley, Sir Sir Percy Florence (I14588)
18 Unable to read her full first name, something like Annabelle or ? kind of a blur...shows her and her parents were born in Canada. Anna (I14611)
19 William Würdemann(1811–1900)—known for having had “a decided influence on observers and instrument makers throughout the United States, as he introduced among us extreme German methods where extreme English methods had formerly prevailed”—was born in Bremen, studied in Heidelberg, and moved to Washington, D.C., to work for the United States Coast Survey. In 1836, having proved his worth, Würdemann became the Survey’s Chief Mechanician. He went into business on his own in 1849, advertising as a Mathematical and Optical Instrument Manufacturer, but maintaining a cosy relationship with the Coast Survey. He supervised the Survey’s instrument shop in 1867–1869; his son Charles worked in that shop in the early 1870s; and he always had easy access to their dividing engine and other machine tools. While the Coast Survey was Würdemann’s most important customer, he made instruments for other federal agencies as well. Würdemann also helped Camill Fauth, Edward Kubel, George N. Saegmuller, and other German instruments makers get their start in the United States. Würdemann’s shop closed in 1881.

Ref: Steven Turner, “William Würdemann: First Mechanician of the U.S. Coast Survey,” Rittenhouse 5 (1991): 97–110. 
Würdemann, William (I14579)
20 Wurdeman Charles J. Wurdeman, age 73, of Bloomington. Passed away peacefully on December 1, 2004. Retired accountant of 30 yrs. His interests included woodworking, fishing, gardening and spending summers on Rainy Lake. Preceded in death by his parents. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends. Survived by his wife, Marilyn; children Greg (Barb), Dan (Carol), Lisa (Joel) Johnson, and Lori (Chris) Kalata; brothers, Thomas and Donald (Phyllis); 6 grandchildren. Funeral service Monday, Dec. 6, at 11 a.m., Werness Brothers Funeral Chapel, 2300 W. Old Shakopee Rd, Blgmtn., with visitation one hour prior to service. Interment Lakewood Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials preferred. WERNESS BROTHERS Bloomington Chapel 952-884-8145 www.dignitymemorial.comPublished in the Star Tribune from 12/3/2004 - 12/5/2004. Wurdeman, Charles Jerome (I14134)
21 Wurdeman, Thomas E. age 86, of Bloomington. Restorer of Mechanical Music Machines. Preceded in death by wife, Ardyce; parents, Oswald and Edna Wurdeman and brother, Chuck Wurdeman. Survived by sons, Mark Wurdeman and wife, Barbara; and Scott Wurdeman and wife, Debbie; daughter, Linda Tanaka and husband, Ron; grandchildren, Emily, Kristen, Jena, Laura, Kari and Dani; great-grandchildren, Kate, Cora, Jackson, Owen and Blake; brother, Don Wurdeman and wife, Phyllis; sister-in-law, Marilyn Wurdeman; special friend, Jan Kolve; nieces and nephews. Funeral service Friday, (March 11) at 11:00 AM at Lutheran Church of the Redemption, 927 E. Old Shakopee Rd., Bloomington. Interment Pleasant View Memorial Gardens. Visitation Thursday from 4:00-7:00 PM at Morris Nilsen Chapel, 6527 Portland Ave.S, Richfield, & 1 hour prior to service at church. Morris Nilsen Chapel 612-869-3226 morrisnilsen.com Wurdeman, Thomas Edward (I14397)
22 _P_CCINFO 1-2
1990-MN-027292 AGNES M. WURDEMAN 18 Mar 1899 31 Aug 1990 OUT OF STATE RAMSEY UNKNOWN

Am assuming listed last name was a married last name, but not necessarily. 
M., Agnes (I8367)
23 _P_CCINFO 1-2 Wurdeman, ... (I14088)
24 _P_CCINFO 10-2 Dolliver, Charlotte (I2587)
25 _P_CCINFO 10-2 Dolliver, Dennis Dallas (I2590)
26 _P_CCINFO 11-2
Was married in 1724 and had a kid in 1731 so couldn't have died in 1724 
Grotlüschen, Heinrich (I4768)
27 _P_CCINFO 11-2 Eylers, Imcke Margarethe (I3311)
28 _P_CCINFO 12-3 Wurdeman, ... (I14089)
29 _P_CCINFO 12-3 Wurdeman, Ernest (I14181)
30 _P_CCINFO 12-3 Guarmhausen, ... (I4781)
31 _P_CCINFO 13-12
Previously married to Nienaber? 
Oltmann, Gesina Maria (Nienaber) (I9860)
32 _P_CCINFO 13-12 Schütten, Agnete Catharine (I11609)
33 _P_CCINFO 13-12 Schütten, Geske (I11610)
34 _P_CCINFO 13-12 Wilcken, Harm (I13678)
35 _P_CCINFO 13-12 Hagelmann-Wilke, Johann Heinrich (I4822)
36 _P_CCINFO 13-12 Oltmann, Harm (I9862)
37 _P_CCINFO 13-12 Oltmann, Johann Heinrich (I9870)
38 _P_CCINFO 13-12 Oltmanns, Ahrend (I9875)
39 _P_CCINFO 13-12 Oltmanns, Athalia (Talke) Margaretha (I9877)
40 _P_CCINFO 13-12 Oltmanns, Catharine Margaretha (I9878)
41 _P_CCINFO 13-12 Oltmanns, Johann (I9880)
42 _P_CCINFO 13-12 Osemans, Catharine (I9912)
43 _P_CCINFO 14-3 Shate, Meta (I11856)
44 _P_CCINFO 14-3 Hillen, Glen (I5551)
45 _P_CCINFO 14-3 Hillen, Lawrence (I5561)
46 _P_CCINFO 15-5 Laursen, David (I7357)
47 _P_CCINFO 15-5 Laursen, Douglas (I7360)
48 _P_CCINFO 15-5 Laursen, Evelyn (I7361)
49 _P_CCINFO 15-5 Laursen, Richard (I7362)
50 _P_CCINFO 15-5 Laursen, Virgil (I7366)

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